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Uniform Guidelines


Elementary K-5th

Students must wear white, navy blue or light blue Richardson Classical Academy embroidered polos each day.

On Fridays, students may wear Wildcat school spirit shirts with jeans or they are expected to be in full uniform. Students may NOT wear polos with jeans on Fridays - only the spirit shirt and jeans. Students are expected to tuck their shirts into the waistband.

A brown or black dress belt must be worn each day if there are belt loops (Kindergarten & 1st do not have to wear belts)

Students who wish to wear a jacket or cardigan, may only wear the one that is available on the website or one that is solid black or navy.

Students are expected to wear tennis shoes daily as they will not be dressing out for P.E.


Middle School 6th – 7th grade

Students are required to purchase and wear an embroidered, white button-up shirt with khaki or navy, flat-front pants or shorts daily, Monday - Friday. Ladies may wear a khaki, navy or plaid skirt daily.

Students will have to wear black or brown loafers each day - Sperry’s are acceptable.. Ladies may wear oxfords daily.

A brown or black dress belt must be worn daily if the waistband has belt loops and shirts are expected to be tucked in.

Students are required to purchase a grey Wildcat P.E. shirt to change into for P.E., as part of their middle school classical uniform. They will need to wear black pants or modest shorts (fingertip length). Students will also need to bring tennis shoes and socks for PE/ outside activities every day.


Uniform Specifics


Boys’ pants include slacks or shorts in khaki or navy. Girls may wear jumpers, skorts, shorts, skirts, or slacks in khaki or navy. Boys’ and girls’ pants, skirts, skorts, and shorts must be uniform style (no skinny jeans, cargos, etc.) and can be purchased from our uniform vendor or from stores such as FrenchToast.com, Gap, Land’s End, Old Navy, and any department store that sells uniform clothes. Slacks must reach to the shoe but not drag on the ground. A solid color leather brown or black belt must be worn on any garment with belt loops. Slacks must be worn at the waist, and no boxers or undergarments may be visible, including during P.E.

Skirts, skorts and shorts must be worn at the waist; hem may be no higher than 3 inches above the knee. Privacy shorts or briefs must be worn with all skirts and jumpers. Shorts should go to just above the knee but not below, and should not be excessively tight or loose fitting. Shorts should be worn at the waist, and no boxers or undergarments may be visible.


Shirts must always be tucked in, and shirttails must be long enough to stay tucked in. Embroidered polo shirts, for elementary grades, are allowed in the following colors: navy, light blue, and white. Embroidered white button ups are required for middle school students.


Kindergarten – Fifth grade must wear closed-toe tennis shoes every day.

Middle school students are required to wear black or brown loafers, or the ladies can wear loafers or oxfords. Socks, tights, and/or leggings must be solid, neutral-colored (white, black, tan, brown or gray) and free of logos, decorations, or patterns. Socks should not have any logo or words visible.


Fleece jackets & cardigans with the approved Richardson Classical Academy logo are available for purchase via the website. If you do not wish to purchase the approved fleece jacket or cardigan, students are allowed to wear a solid navy or black zip-up jacket. Trench coats and dusters are not allowed. Hooded shirts and pullover sweatshirts are not allowed during the school day unless they have the approved Richardson Classical Academy logo on them, from the approved vendor.

P.E. and Athletic Team Clothing

(P.E. guidelines relate to only 6th - 7th graders)

Students are required to purchase the approved RCA athletic shirt which will be worn daily in P.E. T-shirts must be worn well over the waist of the pants/shorts. No midriffs may be shown. No tank tops, camisoles, or sports bras may be worn as outer garments. Students must wear modest athletic shorts or pants in good repair (no holes, torn sleeves, etc.). Athletic shorts or pants, during cold weather, should be worn at the waist and shorts should be no shorter than mid-thigh and no longer than just below the knee. No spandex/leggings, short shorts, or long baggy shorts are permitted. Boxers or undergarments may not be visible.Colors for shorts and pants may include: navy blue, black, or gray. Shorts can have a small brand logo (Nike, Under Armour, etc.) but should be free of designer messages. If students do not have the approved/appropriate clothing for P.E., they will have to sit out and will receive a zero for the day.

Spirit Day (All Grades)

*Spirit shirts are available for purchase for $10 at the campus*

Friday’s are designated as Spirit Day. Students may wear blue jeans or blue jean shorts without holes/slits, and must be free of decorations or embellishments; jeans should not be baggy and must be worn at the waist with a belt if the t-shirt is tucked in. Students may wear a Richardson Classical Academy spirit shirt. These are available for $10 from the campus. If students are not wearing a Richardson Classical Academy spirit shirt on Friday, they are expected to be in full uniform. Spirit shirts and jeans are also required on all field trips when the students will be leaving campus. If students are not wearing a spirit shirt and jeans, they must be in uniform.

Think College Thursday

To encourage students to “begin with the end in mind,” we want to encourage them to start thinking about college. Think College Thursday will happen on the first Thursday of each month and students may wear any college shirt and jeans. Students not in a college t-shirt are expected to be in uniform.

The dates for Think College Thursday are as follows:

September 6

October 4

November 1

December 6

January 10

February 7

March 7

April 4

May 2

Hats, scarves, bandanas, hair coverings, sweatbands, or hooded shirts are not allowed except under circumstances designated or approved by administration. If you are not sure whether uniform bottoms/shoes meet dress code, please bring them by the office for review.

Per the handbook and student code of conduct, students not complying with the student dress code guidelines are in violation of the handbook. Level 1 #6 is a failure to comply with school dress code policies. This violation turns into a Level 2 violation, which is discretionary suspension, if the non-compliance is persistent. Level 2 # 21 is persistent level 1 offenses (two level 1 offenses with a period of 45 rolling school days.). Not complying with dress code can result in mandatory suspension or discretionary expulsion if the failure to comply persists to a Level 3 violation. Level 3 # 10 is persistent level 1 offenses (4 level 1 offenses within a period of 45 rolling school days)